Course Etiquette

Respect and be courteous to other people on the course. After all we are all there to enjoy ourselves.

Switch off mobile phones or put them on silent. There’s nothing more annoying that a phone ringing when you are about to take your shot.

Keep quiet, and refrain from moving around when others are taking their shot. Noise and movement can be distracting.

Avoid slow play; keep up with the group in front rather than just keeping ahead of the group behind.

Play ready golf whenever you can.

Replace divots and repair pitch markers as you play.

If your ball lands in a bunker always rake over your footprints and club marks after you have taken your shot.

Don’t wheel your trolley across the greens as this can damage the surface.

Clear the green as quickly as possible so as not to hold up the group behind.

Always mark your scorecards away from the green that you have just played so as not to hold up the group behind