How can I find out what is happening at the Club ?

The members committee uses the Club V1 Members Hub app as the prime means of keeping in contact with members. The app is used to keep members up-to-date with what’s going at the Club as well as providing useful information such as daily up-dates on course conditions, rule changes, and any other club news items. It also provides an open members forum where views and questions can be posted and addressed.

Although it may sound a bit old fashion, but we also still use the notice boards to promote events
Tell me about the Club V1 app and HowdidIdo ?

The Club uses Club V1 software to manage competitions and handicaps. Club V1 is linked to a sister company called HowDidIdo which acts as a repository for members playing records. Members can access this information via an app or via the HowDidIdo website. Members can also use HowDidIdo to register to play in competitions and enter their scores.

Recently we have activated an enhanced Club V1 add-on feature called Club V1 Members Hub. The Hub provides additional useful features such as daily up-dates on course conditions, latest Club news and a member’s forum. It also provides access to HowDidIdo.

The Club V1 Members Hub can be downloaded (free of charge) from your App Store for mobile phones or tablets - or via your internet browser for PCs or laptops. As HowDidIdo and Club V1 Members Hub are part of the same company they both share the same email address and password for login. They call this shared approach as a "Passport Login".

If you experience any problems registering for the Club V1 Members hub then please contact us via email on 3riversmembers@gmail.com and we will help you through the process.

How can I get a Handicap Certificate ?

The need to obtain a Handicap Certificate is now very much reduced as the introduction of the World Handicap System Handicap and it’s associated on-line databases allows direct access to a players handicap record.

Your playing record and your Handicap Certificates can be viewed on-line via the Club V1 Members Hub app.

A printed copy can be obtained from the “HowDidiDo” website. To access the site, you need register directly at www.HowDidIDo.com (free of charge).

If you experience problems then ask in the Pro Shop. You may need to allow a few days for the printed copy to be made available to you to collect.

What is a Handicap Review ?

All R & A affiliated golf clubs are required to carry out periodic reviews of players handicaps to ensure that they reflect the individual player’s current playing ability. The review is carried out by the Handicap Committee. To do this the Handicap Committee uses a report from the handicap computer system that compares the scores returned by a player with a target score that is calculated from a mathematical formula provided by the R & A.

Reviews can increase or decrease an individual player’s handicap.

I would like to become more actively involved in the golf section of the Club ?

Golfing activities within Club are run by 3 committees, the Golf Members Committee, the Ladies Section Committee and The Jubilee Course Committee. If you would like to be considered to serve on one of these committees you should write down a brief CV about yourself, address it to the committee you wish to serve on and put it into the appropriate Course Box under the computer touch screen. Someone will then contact you to explain about eligibility, vacancies and the election process.

I would like to represent the Club in competitions against other clubs ?

The Club plays in a number of county, and other competitions against other clubs. Different competitions cater for men, ladies and seniors. You do not necessarily need to be an elite golfer to represent the Club as the competitions we enter cover all levels of skill from elite to higher handicap players.

To represent the Club in these competitions you must of course be a current member of the Club, hold a WHS handicap and be eligible in accordance with the various rules set down by the competition administrators.

To represent the Club (and for Club Competitions) your WHS handicap must also be kept up-to-date. Our ruling is that your handicap record must show that you have a minimum of 7 qualifying scores entered in the preceding 12 months and then on a rolling basis to the closing of the previous round of the competition. Qualifying scores can be from competition play within the Club or from General Play rounds.

If you are interested in representing the Club you should contact the Club Captain (for men) or the Lady Captain (for ladies).