Booking a Tee Time

Members can book tee times 7 days in advance of the day they want to play – for example on a Monday the week before the Monday on which they wish to play.

The Club’s preferred mechanism to do this is via the ESP Elite system. This system is widely used by golf clubs to allow members to book Tee Time.

When joining you would have received an email from the Club explaining how to get the access the booking system via the ESP EliteLive system together with a password to register you as a Club member.

You can download an ESP EliteLive app onto a mobile devise (I phone or Android). Alternatively you can access the ESP system via the Club’s website. When you register with the ESP system you will be asked to tick your preferences. An easy to use menu will guide you through the whole process.

When playing with other Club Members you will need to add their names to your booking. As you start to enter their names a drop down list of members will appear. Clicking on the relevant name will add it to your booking. If their name does not appear in the drop down list it usually means that they have declined to make it publicly visible. You can get round this by typing in their membership code (if known to you). Alternatively you can ask them to use their “preferences” option within the app and make their name visible. Without their name or membership code you will not be able to make a booking for them.

If you are bringing along a guest then you enter the word “Guest” as the player’s name. Members can invite a maximum of 3 guests per booking. Members with guests are requested to pay for their guests at the time of booking (by Debit or Credit Card).

Having completed adding names you will be presented with a calendar showing which time the dates and time slots current available for you. All you needed to do then is select what is best for you. Once done you will see a confirmation notice to indicate the booking has been accepted. The ESP system then generates an email to each Club members on the booking confirming the dated and time.

If for any reason the App is not available though technical reasons you will be able to book a tee time via the Pro-Shop desk.

The ESP system can also be used to cancel a Tee booking. You can do this once you have logged on to the system by going to the menu option (the little 3 horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner and using the “View Booking History” option. Please note this will cancel the compete booking for all those named in it. If you only want to cancel a single name from the booking you need to contact the Pro-Shop desk to do this.

*Canceling a booking is just as important as making a booking as any freed up time slots are then made available to other members. *