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Three Rivers Golf Members
Keeping you up-to-date with what's going on at the Club.
Obtaining a Handicap
An official handicap enables golfers of different abilities to play against each other on a level playing field .
Here we explain how to get an officlal handicap.
World Handicap System
With our return to golf, it may be helpful to remind members of the implications of the World Hamdicap System that went live in the UK in January 2020.
Course Maintainance Update
Paul Edwards, Head of our Greenkeeper Team provides an insight into the work currently being undertaken on the courses.
Maintaining Your Handicap
To keep your handicap up-to-date you need to enter competitions or submit "Casual Play" scores. You can use the computer screen in the clubhouse or the HowdidIdo app to do this.
Competition Rules

The Golf Members Committee has revised our Club competition Rules.

What has changed ?
Up-dated Winter Rules
Now that winter is upon us you may want to brush-up on the Club's Winter Rules.

The Rules apply to both courses.
Important Rule Change

The Club Handicap Committee has made a change to our Competition Rules regard eligibility to play in or win Club Competitions effective from April 2022.
Course Management Report
Our Golf Course Manager, Paul Edwards has provided us with a Course Management Report which he would like to share with us.