Club Competition Rules - 2024

1. To be eligible to win, a Club Competition the player must have an active WHS Handicap Index (8 calculable scores).
2. Player must have also submitted a minimum of 7 SEVEN acceptable scores in the last TWELVE months to win a competition and be awarded prizes. Such entries will count towards a player’s acceptable scores.
3. Players are responsible for their entry into a competition. Entries must be made by those intending to play and must not be made on behalf of others. Only names registered for the competition will be eligible for that competition.
4. The Competitions Secretary’s decision is final in all aspects of interpretation and application of Competitions Rules.
5. A printed copy of the Club Competitions calendar is available from the Pro-Shop. An on-line version is also available on the members website. (

Rules of Play
6. The R & A Rules of Golf apply to all competitions. Players are responsible for knowing and applying the rules, including any local rules that may be effective at the time.
7. Unless otherwise stated –

a) During the summer months (April to September) men’s competitions will be played from White Tee markers (or as stated on the entry sheet) as Stroke-Play or Stableford competitions as specified on the Entry Sheet.
b) During the winter months (October to March) men’s competitions will be played from the Yellow Tee markers (or as stated on the entry sheet) as Stableford competitions.
c) Ladies’ competitions will be played from the Red Tee markers.

8. Competitions played with 3 or more temporary greens will be deemed to be non-qualifying competition.
9. Unless otherwise stated, buggies can be used in all Club Competitions.
10. It is permitted to play two separate competitions formats during one round of golf providing all players in the group agree. Players in breach of this will be disqualified from the competitions concerned.

Note: As provided in Rule 8, the Club may make and publish Local Rules for local abnormal conditions. Such notices will be published from time-to-time and posted when required on appropriate noticeboards.

Monthly Medals and Trophy Competitions
11. Players must register to enter these competitions on the day of the competition before their tee time.
12. Before playing, players must –

a) Pay the entry fee in the Pro-shop and sign the Payment Sheet, non-payment will result in disqualification.
b) Register to enter the competition using the computer touchscreen in the entrance area to the bar or via HowDidIDo app on their mobile device. The MyEG app must not be used for Competitions.

If it is not possible to register entry on the computer before play, players may do so prior to entering their score at the end of their round, providing that they signed the Payment Sheet before
playing. In these circumstances the unavailability of the computer system will be verified to ensure compliance with competition criteria.

13. After playing, players must enter their scores on the computer touch screen or via HowDidIDo app on their mobile device. If the computer is not working, then players should note the time that the system was unavailable on their scorecard so that it can be verified via the computer log.
14. Failure to register participation and/or entering scores in the computer system when it is available will result in the score not being included in the competition results. In this case there will be no refund of any competition entry fee.

Knock-out Competitions
15. Entry Sheets for Knock-out competitions are posted on the main Club noticeboard at least 4 weeks prior to the playing date for the competition.
16. Entry fees and any optional sweep money must be paid when players add their name to the Entry Sheet. Payment Envelopes are available in the Pro-shop. Completed Payment Envelopes must be posted into the appropriate Competition Box under the computer touch screen.
17. Players wishing to withdraw from a knock-out competition before the draw has been made may do so by removing their name from the Entry Sheet.
18. Players wishing to withdraw after the Draw Sheet has been posted on the noticeboard must notify their opponent and the Competition Secretary.
19. Responsibility for making contact to arrange matches rests with the player or players drawn first in the match. Failure to initiate contact will result in the match being forfeited. All matches must be played by the closing date for the appropriate round. The closing date for each round is specified on the Draw Sheet.
20. The Competitions Secretary must be informed if a match cannot be played before its closing date providing detailed reasoning. In exceptional circumstances the Competition Secretary may grant a short time extension to enable the match to be played.
21. Failure to complete matches or notify the Competitions Secretary by the due date may result in both sides being disqualified at that round. The Competitions Secretary’s decision in this respect will be final.
22. The match winners must notify the Competitions Secretary of the result by text or email as well as updating the draw sheet on the notice boards.

Shotgun Competitions
23. Entry Sheets for Shotgun competitions are posted on the main club noticeboard at least 4 weeks prior to the playing date for the competition.
24. Entry fees for Shotgun competitions are payable on the competition day.
25. Players wishing to withdraw from a Shotgun competition before the draw has been made may do so by removing their name from the Entry Sheet.
26. Players wishing to withdraw after the Draw Sheet has been posted on the noticeboard must notify the Competitions Secretary as soon as possible so that any changes to the draw can be made. Alterations to the Draw Sheet does not guarantee that changes will be noticed.

Players Scorecards
28. Players must ensure that –

a) Their full name, date, Tees played, current Handicap Index, Course Handicap, Playing Handicap and marker’s name are clearly legible on their scorecard.
b) Their marker has recorded their correct GROSS score for each hole on their scorecard.
c) Their scorecard is signed by both the player and the marker. Markers must be a member of the Club and hold a WHS Handicap Index.
d) All scorecards are entered on the computer touch screen or via HowDidIDo app on a mobile device; the MyEG app should not be used for the recording of scores when playing at Three Rivers.
e) Their scorecard is placed in the correct Competition Box (unless otherwise advised) at the end of play. “No Return” scorecards must be marked as such, scores for completed holes must be entered on the system and placed in the Competition Box as these can affect the PCC of the day (Playing Condition Calculation).
f) For Shotgun start competitions failure to enter scores within 30 minutes of completion will result in automatic disqualification.

29. Failure to comply with scorecard requirements will result in disqualification from the competition and in the case of General Play cards, removal from the WHS System. Players who persistently fail to comply may be subject to further action.
30. Scorecards placed in the Competition Boxes are deemed to be in possession of the Committee and may not be removed or altered under any circumstance, except by a member of the Committee.

Note: A guide to completing a scorecard can be found on the notice-board next to the computer touch screen.

Additional Competitions and Cancelled Competitions
31. Additional competitions may be added to the published competition calendar with the agreement of the relevant competition organiser. A minimum of 1 weeks’ notice must be given to members who may wish to enter the additional competition.
32. In the event of a competition being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or its play date altered, at least 1 weeks’ notice will be given. Every attempt will be made to reschedule a cancelled competition.

Closure of Competitions & Competition Results
33. All Club Competitions will be closed within 3 days with the results notified to members automatically.
34. In the event of a competition tie, unless otherwise stated on the Entry Sheet, all matches will be decided on count-back.
35. The results of all competitions will be posted on the appropriate club noticeboard as soon as practically possible after the competition has finished and has been finalised.
36. Competitions require a minimum of five (5) entries before Prizes are issued to winners. During the period October – March Stableford Medal competition will be a single Division to determine a Winner.
37. During the period April – September Strokeplay / Stableford Medals may be amended to a single Stapleford Division to determine a Winner depending on the number of entries.
38. Competition winners will receive a Credit on their Membership Card for the appropriate value based on the number of entries.
39. No player will be eligible to win more than one trophy or prize in any Club Competition (excludes longest drives/nearest the pin prizes).

Club Competition Rules