Getting a Handicap

One of the first question asked by golfers when they get together is “What’s your handicap?”.

A golf handicap is a mechanism by which players of different abilities are assessed so that they can play on an equitable basis against players of greater or less abilities.

If you want to play in Club competitions, you will need an official WHS Handicap Index (previously just known as your Handicap). If you only play social golf with friends then having a Handicap Index addresses the different abilities within the group, helps decide who has bragging rights and who may have to pay for refreshments in the 19th hole. It also enables you to feel more comfortable playing courses which may be easier or more difficult that you home course as it adjusts the handicap that you use on those courses to reflect their varying degrees of difficulty.

Three Rivers Golf Club is an affiliated Member of the English Golf Union. Members Handicaps are maintained according to rules and procedures for allocating and maintaining Handicap laid down by WHS.

To get a Handicap Index you need to play and submit scorecards covering a minimum of 54 holes over approved designated courses. This can be from any permutation of designated 9 hole or 18-hole courses. At Three Rivers both the Kings and the Jubilee courses are designated 18-hole courses from all Tee Sets

Scorecards submitted for handicap purposes need to have played with a current member of the Club who already has a WHS Handicap Index. During each round he will fill in the scorecard which you must sign as the player and he must sign as the marker. After each round, the completed card must be endorsed “For Handicap Purposes 1st, 2nd 3rd” (as appropriate), dated and placed in the appropriate Course Box under the in the bar entry area.

Scorecards for handicap purposes may be played on the either Course or Tee Set and submitted within a period of six months

Note : once you have submitted cards covering the required minimum of 54 holes any further cards marked “For Handicap Purposed” will not be used when assessing your initial Handicap Index.

The submitted scorecards will then be assessed by the Club Handicap Secretary using an approved computer algorithm and a Handicap Index allocated. Once your Handicap Index has been allocated it will be automatically submitted to the “Central Database of Handicaps” (CDH) maintained by England Golf. You will then be given a unique CDH number which will allow you to track your handicap irrespective for changing clubs or entering competition at other clubs.