Seniors Christmas Hamper
Ian Brookes (L), receiving his hamper from Trevor Collett.
John Musson (R), receiving his hamper from Trevor Collett
Caroline Crispen (L), receiving her prize from Trevor Collett
The Seniors Section on the Kings Course held their Christmas
Hamper competition on Wednesday 4th December. 76 members took
part. As is the trend nowadays in our social competitions, a number of
ladies from the ladies section also joined in.
Originally scheduled for a 8.30
shotgun start a combination of
foggy conditions and frosty
greens delayed the start.
Despite the delay everyone
waited and the competition
eventually started at around
10.45. The festive spirit was
lifted with mince pies and a
warming tipple waiting for all as
they passed by the 18th green.
While the scores were being
sorted each 4 ball group enjoyed
plates of chips and hot spicy
potatoe wedges. The prizes
were presented by Trevor Collett,
Competition Organiser for the
Seniors. Ian Brookes took the
prestigious Larry Wragg & Ted
Langley Trophy with the best
overall score on the day (41
points CB).
Ian also took home the
Christmas hamper as winner of
Division 1 while John Musson,
posting the same score, took
home the hamper for the best
Division 2 score.
Caroline Crispen posted the best
ladies score.
No. 18 November / December 2020
A Golfing Truth ?
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When your shot has to carry over a water hazard, you can either hit one more club or two more balls
Three Rivers Golf Members

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Captains' Charity Presentation
Sharon Warrington presenting the cheque to  Jane Meader from The Dream Factory.
Written by Alison Henwood
This year our Captains’ Charity was The Dream Factory. This is a
local charity founded in 2008 with the aspiration of brightening the lives
and encouraging hope for children and young adults from the age of
3-25, who have either life limiting or life threatening conditions. The
Charity’s aim is to grant a young person's dream - meeting their
favorite celebrity or sporting hero or taking a magical once in a lifetime
After a number of fundraising initiatives
throughout the year we raised £5779.08 to
support this charity. On Thursday 5th December
Sharon Warrington, our Lady Captain during the
fund raising year, presented a cheque for the
money to
Jane Meader from The Dream Factory. Jane has
promised to keep us informed on wishes that are
granted as a result of the funds that we raised.
Sharon and Iain Bray, who was Club Captain
during the year, would like to thank everyone
who donated and helped throughout the year.
Club Competitions : The Curry Cup
Written by Bill White, Club Vice Captain & captain of our Curry Cup team.
Over the course of future newsletters we will be telling you about the
various county competitions that the Club enters. The first of these is
the Curry Cup.
The Curry Cup was started in 1999 by Bob and Paul Curry who at the
time were the owners of the Colne Valley Golf Club. The competition is
played on a league basis with 5 teams in each league. Within each
league each club plays two home and two away matches. The winner
of each league, plus the highest runner up (in terms of points scored),
then goes through to the semi final knockout stage and then on to the
finals. The semi finals and finals are played at neutral venues.
There are 12 players in each team. Each team must include 6
members of the club with a handicap between 0 and 10. Combined
their handicap total must not exceed 40 and 6 players must have a
handicap of between 10 and 18, their combined handicap total must
not exceed 75. Each match consists of Foursomes in the morning
and Singles in the afternoon.
Although the Curry Cup is not part of the official Essex Golf Union
match program it is nevertheless a popular and important competition
within golfing circles. Those taking part see it as an enjoyable
competition with perhaps not the same pressure as say the Thornton
Cup or Leslie Wood competitions.
If you would like more information about representing the Club and
taking part in the Curry Cup then please contact me.
Three Rivers members attending the evening.
Brian Collins - President of the Essex Golf Union
Brian Collins,  President of the Essex Golf Union.
Brian started playing golf as a young boy at Wallasey Golf Club in
the Wirral where both his parents played and his mother was Lady
Captain, so golf was in his blood.
Brian joined Three Rivers shortly after moving to the area with his
young family. He represented the Club in various competitions and
became Club Captain in 1998. Due to a disagreement with the
then owners, Clubhouse, he left Three Rivers and joined Burnham
GC. He rejoined Three Rivers 5 years later when the club was
taken over by the current owners. In 2006 he once again became
Club Captain.
While at the Club Brian became deeply involved with the Cadets
section. In 2011 he was co-opted by the Essex Golf Union to
manage the Under 16 County Team. The following year, he
became a director and ran the Under 16 team for a further 2 years,
and then took over as manager of the Under 18 team. . During
these years he was elected chairman of the ECGU Player
Development Committee and chairman of the
Management Committee. In 2017, became
President Elect of the Essex County Golf Union
taking over the Presidency in February 2019
and is also Chairman of the Board of
Three Rivers not only has a member at the top
of the Essex Golf Union but also has 2 other
current members who are directors, Iain Bray,
County Treasurer and Ian Bullock, Handicap
Essex Golf Union Annual Dinner
Friday 22nd November saw the club hold the 89th Essex Golf Union
Dinner. The dinner was hosted by Brian Collins, President of the union
and current club member.
110 fellow golfers and guests attended the dinner including a number
from Three Rivers. In total 16 different clubs from around the county
were represented. The evening was an immense success –
something our club can be proud of. The food was first class with
many present later commenting on it presentation and taste.
After the meal those present
were entertained by the guest
speaker, Andrew Murray.
Andrew played on the European
Tour for a number of years
during the 80’s and 90’s before
turning to commentating for the
BBC and moving on to the
Seniors Tour. His evening
repertoire included many
amusing stories playing with the
likes of Seve Ballesteros and Tom
The evening then moved on to the presentation of trophies to a number
of county competition winners.
Contact us by email for feedback or if you have an interesting tale to share.
No cartoon joke this month but a funny video instead.
Contains bad language which some may find offensive.
Did You know ?
Dr Frank Barney Gorton Stableford (1870 – 1959) was the man who
gave us Stableford play. It was first tried out at the Glamorganshire
Golf Club in 1898 but was not used as a competition format until 1932
at the Wallasey Golf Club. It was not however formally recognized
within the Rules of Golf until the 1964 edition. Dr Stableford never lived
to see the popularity of his idea within the game.
Thanks to Tony Brown for sending in the video.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas